I am now working with the needlefelting tools, adding detail to the wet felted background

.Je travaille maintenant avec les aigouilles de feutrage, en ajoutant des détails à l'arrière-plan feutré
The most recent wallhanging, the merino wool base layers laid out ready for the felting process

La dernière projet murale, les couches de base en laine mérinos préparées pour le processus de feutrage
A new mermaid, inspired by the Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Skies. She is in wet-felted merino wool with fine details needlefelted.
93cms x59 cms

500 euros

Une nouvelle sirène inspirée du tableau de Vincent Van Gogh Starry Skies.
Elle est en laine mérinos feutrée mouillée avec de fins détails aiguilletés.

93cm x 59cms

500 euros

After the felting process which is about 5 hours of massaging and then rolling the wool with hot water and soap

Après le processus de feutrage qui est d'environ 5 heures de massage, puis rouler le tableau avec de l'eau chaude et du savon
Halfway through the laying out of the base colours in merino wool. I started with 3 layers of white organic merino and the top layer is dyed merino tops. So far, this is 2 days work and after a little more tweaking she will be ready for the felting process

À mi-chemin à travers la disposition des couleurs de base en laine mérinos. J'ai commencé avec 3 couches de mérinos blanc organique et la couche supérieure  en mérinos teinté. Jusqu'à présent, c'est 2 jours de travail et après un peu plus de peaufinage, elle sera prête pour le processus de feutrage

Un petit coin de mon nouveau tableau avant du feutrage. Aujourd'hui c'est que la laine humide....demain il devenir feutre.

A little corner of the commission I'm working on. At the moment it's just wet wool...tomorrow it will become felt.

Needlefelted dragons in a wet-felted nest with wet felted oak leaves. 100% merino wool.

80 euros
Needlefelted dragons ready for the christmas markets
The start of a rug project using circular weaving. I will be making three large circles and then adding smaller circles and random patches of weaving to join them together to make a rug for my lounge. I've been admiring the amazing rugs on the circular weaving posts on pinterest but wanted to do one that was very practical and didn't have deep texture that would trip me up, or that I wouldn't want to walk on. I'm using rug wool donated by a friend who passed away a while ago. The weaving frame and the centre of the tapestry bottom left are hers are the inspiration for the project. Thank you Gill xx

 A selection of small pots, wet felted in dyed merino with some of the dyed silk fibres from the photo below. The pots will now be dried on balloons and deflatable balls to give a good shape before adding beads or embroidery.

Some examples of finished pots are in the accessories section.

 Silk fibres, silk fabric and cotton mix textured yarns hanging up to dry. I used fibre reactive dyes and did small batches in plastic bags. The fibres will be used in projects like the small vessels I was making yesterday. Photos to follow.....

Two bags I am in the middle of making. They started out as nuno felt but the printing on the kimono fabric was far too thick and not enough fibres ends went through to keep it attached. I pulled it off and appliqued it instead and then went a bit mad on beads, sequins and embroidery. The straps are still in the process but will be attached with fabric covered buttons and the lining is made from the kimono fabric. The colours are so different to the ones I usually choose because I wanted to do something with the fabric.....it'd been in a suitcase for 28 years! I copied some of the design onto the felt and then embellished it. It's also my first attempt at machine embroidery, so don't look too closely........

Three pieces of indigo dyed silk shibori before untying.
The two best pieces untied and ready for use in nuno felting projects.
A cotton bag made with two pieces of indigo dyed cotton shibori.
Shibori is the Japanese art of tying and stitching fabric before immersing in dyes. this acts as a resist and prevents the dyes from entering the fabric.
This large circle was a stitched piece.

Bag 3, the Alpaca, ready to start the feltmaking process

The design on bag 2. So cute!

The large organic merino felt bag laid out and ready to felt. It will shrink up to 30% during the feltmaking process.
I will felt the portrait first to make sure that it doesn't corrupt during the rolling. The whole process takes more than 5 hours from start to finish.

Laying out the pre-felt for the new wallhanging Talu at Kermain
This is the first wallhanging that has completely covered my kitchen table. They shrink up to 50% during the felting process..this one shrank about 30%.
The tree trunk was pre-felted and the cut to shape to give clean edges.

The table was taken up for two whole days while I laid out the tops and worked on the detail. The idea this time was to do as much as possible without using needlefelting to do the fine detail as it is much quicker in the long run but we ate off our knees for longer than usual!
This shows the shrinkage overall after wet felting the piece
After two days of laying out and felting the needlefelting took one more day to complete so I was really happy with the result. There are three little korrigans (Breton Elves) hiding in amongst the plants and roots.
The original drawing for the mermaid. The idea for this wallhanging was to make it as 3D as possible using some new techniques. I wanted waves that came out of the background and anenomes with coloured interiors.
Below is one of the test pieces for the waves
Partially laid out with the cling film/plastic barriers in place to keep the waves 3D
Freshly felted and ready for all the rest of the work with the needlefelt tool, seed beads and embroidery
But first I had some repairs to do...the Norwegian tops I used for the rocks had come through the tail and waves and as it was so wiry and tough it made it look as though the mermaid had a hairy tail! Not a good look, so out came the bobble-shaver.
And here she is, finished. The limpets were needlefelted in relief and then the edges embroidered, the scales on her tail are outlined in embroidery silk and the tail fins are made of a little net gift bag which was fortunately big enough for me to make a second tail after messing up my first attempt!
Luna and the Hare
Wallhanging in merino wool and tussah silk
46cm x 41cm
I've been interested in hares and the amazing quantity of legends and stories about them from around the world all connecting them to the moon goddess.
I looked all over the internet for poems I could use but ended up writing my own to fit the design and my feelings about the image.
This is the finished wallhanging but I've included photos of the concept drawing and a couple of stages during the feltmaking. Unusually for me, I didn't deviate far from the original plan!
Luna et le Lièvre
Wallhanging en laine mérinos et de soie tussah
x 41cm
été intéressé par les lièvres et la quantité incroyable de légendes et d'histoires à leur sujet à travers le monde tous ceux qui se connectent au déesse de la lune.
J'ai regardé
partout sur l'internet pour les poèmes que j'ai pu utiliser, mais a fini par écrire le mien pour s'adapter à la conception et mes sentiments au sujet de l'image.
le produit fini wallhanging mais j'ai inclus des photos de la notion de dessin et un couple d'étapes au cours de la feltmaking. Fait inhabituel pour moi, je n'ai pas s'écarter beaucoup du plan original!

Above....laying the coloured wool and deciding the size of the hare

Above right......the wt felted base drying in the sun

Right.....the finished piece after needlefelting and before pressing

Red Tailed Hawk

Wallhanging in merino wool.

Adapted from the wallhanging I made for my father's birthday. It's just waiting for something of interest on the field, perhaps a fence and a few sheep. I don't want to draw the eye away from the hawk though, so will have to be careful.

What the camera doesn't pick up is the 3D effect of the rocks, caused by the contrast between the softness of the wet felted background and the needlefelted detail around them. Accidental but fun.

When I've finished the needlefelted details I'll wet the wallhanging again and pull it back into shape with a hot iron.

Wallhanging en laine mérinos.

Adapté de l'wallhanging j'ai fait pour l'anniversaire de mon père. Il attend juste quelque chose d'intérêt sur ​​le terrain, peut-être une barrière et quelques moutons. Je ne veux pas pour attirer l'attention loin de l'épervier, donc faudra être prudent.

Qu'est-ce que la caméra ne capte pas l'effet 3D des rochers, provoquée par le contraste entre la douceur de l'arrière-plan humide feutrée et le détail aiguilleté autour d'eux. Accidentelle, mais amusant.

Quand j'ai fini les détails aiguilleté Je vais mouiller le wallhanging nouveau et retirez-le en forme avec un fer chaud.

Detail of wallhanging...just needs the body elongating a little to where the needle is, and a few more colours in the feathers. 

I used cotton gauze, tussah silk fibres and textured yarn to give a bit more interest to the clouds but the detail is hard to see now that it is felted. I shall have to experiment more!

Détail de wallhanging ... a juste besoin d'allonger le corps un peu à l'endroit où l'aiguille est, et un peu plus de couleurs dans les plumes.

J'ai utilisé une gaze de coton, des fibres de soie tussah et de fils texturés pour donner de l'intérêt un peu plus vers les nuages​​, mais le détail est difficile de voir maintenant qu'il est feutré. Je vais faire des essais plus!


Starting the cardboard forms for Swiss Goatherd hats with my Swiss neighbour Karin. We have felted the basic hats in organic white merino wool from Wingham Woolworks. We shaped Karin's to make sure we're on the right track and are going to dye them with blackberry leaves and stems next Tuesday, aiming for a lovely charcoal grey courtesy Jenny Dean's wonderful Wild Colour book.

And the final colour?............Khaki!  Whoops! (Still nice, though...)

À partir des formes en carton pour chapeaux suisses chevrier avec ma voisine suisse Karin. Nous avons les chapeaux feutrés de base en matières organiques blanche laine mérinos de Wingham Woolworks. Nous façonné d'abord le chapeau de Karin de s'assurer que nous sommes sur la bonne voie et nous allons les teindre avec la mûre feuilles et les tiges mardi prochain, dans le but d'une belle gris charbon de courtoisie du livre de Jenny Dean "Couleur merveilleuse sauvage".

Et la couleur fini?........Kaki!

I know it's not felt but I just used my marudai for the first time today to make a piece of kumihimo braid to replace the tatty piece of string that has been keeping my concertina box key attached to the box for 25 years. It's such a lovely thing!

Je sais que ce n'est pas feutre, mais je viens d'utiliser mon marudai pour la première fois aujourd'hui pour faire un morceau de tresse Kumihimo pour remplacer la pièce miteuse de la chaîne qui a été en gardant ma clé de la boîte en accordéon attaché à la boîte pendant 25 ans. C'est tellement une belle chose!




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